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 The results? Empowered boss babes who have all the financial data they need to take the real estate world by storm!

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Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping Cycles

The most basic need of any Real Estate Investor is accurate, up-to-date books. Our bookkeeping packages include a monthly or quarterly bookkeeping cycle so that you can feel confident in your books all year. We keep your books updated on a periodic basis. Then, we provide you with the basic financial statements on a monthly or quarterly zoom meeting so that you can truly understand your business finances.

*Quarterly packages available for new businesses with low transaction volume

Basic Financial Reporting

Do you know the power your numbers hold? We help boss babes like you tap into key financial data points that can help you grow your business to be more efficient and more profitable. Our basic packages all include generating the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you always know where your business stands.

Advanced KPI Reporting

When it comes to real estate investing, there’s so much more to know than what’s on your basic financial statements. Our advanced reporting dashboards track the exact KPIs you need to know for your business. We specialize in advanced reporting for real estate investors and can tailor your reports to your business needs.

Profitability Analysis by Investment Type

Want to know how your flips compare to your long term rentals in terms of profitability? We can answer this question and dozens of others like it by running advanced profitability analysis that lets you know how your money is made. This enables you to focus on the investments that will be most profitable in the long-term.

Zoom Consultations

All monthly or quarterly bookkeeping packages include periodic zoom consultations with our team. Here, we will explain the numbers to you and answer any questions you have. We will also help you develop key growth strategies based on your numbers and industry trends.

Income & Expenses Per Property

In the world of Real Estate, it’s not enough to know if your business is profitable overall. You need to know which investments have been solid, which have flopped, which ones are keepers, and which need to be sold off. Understanding your income and expenses per property is the best way to get a clear picture of how your investments have played out and to use that knowledge going forward.

QuickBooks Online Set Up & Training

DIYing your books? Let us help you establish key systems to be successful with your own bookkeeping! We even offer a subscription for ongoing review and questions to help you ensure your new systems continue to work well for your business.

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